Andre K Baby


1) In your book, you often refer to the sect “Pistis Sofia”. Does it exist?

Pistis Sofia is an allegorical Gnostic text dating back to 330 AD. Although inspired by this text and female divinity sects such as the cult of Aditi in India, the cult of Isis in Egypt and more recently the Wicca, the cult of Pistis Sofia, as described in “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie”, is purely the product of the author's imagination.


2) You mentioned that The Chimera Protocol is the reincarnation of Gladio. Are these also the product of your imagination?

In the case of Chimera, yes. In Gladio’s case, no.


Operation Gladio (“Gladio” means sword in Italian) was organized in total secrecy shortly after the end of WWII by the CIA and MI-6, to counter the threat of a communist invasion and political takeover of Western Europe, country by country. Italy was perceived as the first of a series of dominos, which, if a pro communist regime were elected, would eventually bring about communist rule throughout Europe. Apart from recruiting the crème de la crème of Nazi Germany’s, Italy’s and other Axis forces’ intelligence networks, Gladio also recruited and trained arsonists, bomb -makers, assassins, political activists , acting always under the guise of false flags: the bombing of the Bologna Train station in Italy, wrongly attributed to the Red Brigades at the time, was later suspected to be the work of Gladio. So was the assassination of Aldo Moro and other Italian leftist politicians. This was state- backed terrorism at the highest level. Member states included Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Great- Britain, France .. and the Vatican…

Gladio was eventually outlawed and dismembered around 1970, after its discovery created a Europe-wide scandal and brought down the Italian government.


For more information on Gladio, see :

“Les Armées secrètes de l’OTAN “ by Daniele Ganser, Editions Demi- Lune, Paris 2007.

“Puppetmasters. The political case of terrorism in Italy.” Phillip Willan, Constable, London, 1991.

“Gladio. The secret war to subvert Italian democracy.” Covert Action Quarterly, #49, 1994.

See also the BBC series on Gladio made in 1992, available on You Tube.


3) As an Interpol agent, Inspector Thierry Dulac seems to act beyond his authority. Why?

You're right. In theory, an Interpol agent is “support only” to local police authorities. However Dulac’s strong personality and superior brain power makes him a natural to take the lead. Doing so usually gets him into trouble.


4) Is Dulac in your forthcoming book, "The Jewish Pope”?

Yes. He and Karen faceoff to solve a new set of crimes too horrific and complex to mention here.


5) Is it true that President Vladimir Putin  had a portrait drawn of himself as Francis the First of France?

Apparently yes.


6) Where is the island of Isola Rossa exactly?

The Caribbean island of Isola Rossa is the property of the Marchioness of Dorset, and is roughly 10 km southwest of Mustique. To help protect her privacy, the |Marchioness has asked the British admiralty’s mapmaking section that the island not be shown on any of its maps.


(PS: In reality the marquisate of Dorset did exist, but no longer does. It was revoked by the crown of England following the beheading of Lord Henry Gray, Duke of Suffolk and Marquis of Dorset, for treason in 1554. It has not been reattributed since.)