Andre K Baby




The world is in shock. Earlier that day, in a bloodless and daring coup, kidnappers have abducted His Holiness Pope Clement XXI.

Interpol inspector Thierry Dulac’s vacation in the Rockies ends abruptly when his boss orders him back to Europe immediately: Dulac is urgently needed at the Vatican to coordinate Interpol’s forces with those of the local investigators. Arriving by military jet that same evening, Dulac joins the Italian police, only to find they’re completely overwhelmed, hesitant and disorganised. Crucial decisions must be made so Dulac bends Interpol’s support-only protocol and takes charge.

Dulac’s search for the criminals and their prized victim leads him from the secretive hallways of the Vatican to the loud bustle of Paris’s boulevards, from the subdued charm of Florence’s piazzas to the searing bleakness of Libya’s Great Sand Sea desert. Dulac knows time is running out when the kidnappers, receiving only part of the ransom, send the Pope’s severed left ear to the Vatican’s Secretary of State.